iSaddle 5 Ply Maple Wooden Unfinished Finger Skateboard Deck with Grip Tape (29mm Extreme Shape)

  • Unfinished Fingerboard, 29mm, Extreme Shape
  • Finish with your own graphic, color or design
  • 5 ply fingerboard, drilled, and sanded
  • Finish it with your own lacquer
  • Make your own fingerboard different!
Manufacturer: iSaddle
SKU: SZ-053
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Want to create your own graphic or color fingerboard but don't have the tools or the time to make, mold or drill the board? We have the answer! You can can finish one of our blank fingerboards in any design you like. You can add a graphic, a sticker or simply color the board with markers if you want. Want a 'finish'? Just spray with your own lacquer for water resistance protection! The blanks are created using our high standard, 5-ply veneer process, in the same way we make all of our fingerboards. Blanks are sanded and drilled but no lacquer is applied. You will then be able to finish the board with your own design. It is THAT easy! THIS IS A LISTING FOR ONE BLANK, 29mm width, in our extreme mold.

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